Certificate in Advanced Black Tea Cupping

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Welcome to the Certificate in advanced black tea cupping protocols and Terminology This is an important and innovative specialist tea course which covers tea evaluation, tea terminology and provides you with a solid understanding of the world of black tea. The course is developed to support and provide black tea focused education to tea baristas, tea sommeliers, industry leaders in hospitality, tea masters and anyone wanting to specialize and learn more about black tea.

The course was developed by Australian Tea Masters in collaboration with the Ceylon Tea Academy one of the most respected tea industry education centres globally. This course is conducted totally online with the support of the learning package that is delivered to you prior to be ginning the course.
At the end of the course you will be able to cup professionally, distinguish between good and poor teas, know the different types of manufacturing processes and grades and use correct tea terminology Throughout the course you will have a theoretical section and a practical section and upon the completion of each section there will a short quiz to complete.

Meet your Instructors

Graham Stork

CEO Ceylon Tea Academy 

Sharyn Johnston

CEO of Australian Tea Masters

Anil Cooke

Director of Colombo Brokers Association
Tea Marketing / Tea Specialist 

Taste & Grade 20 Teas from around the world

A selection of teas curated is sent to your mail for you to taste for examination

What you receive in the delivery kit

What you'll learn

  • Learn the deep history of black teas
  • Ability to cup teas professionally
  • Distinguish between good and poor teas
  • Learn the different types of manufacturing processes
  • Use correct tea tasting terminology

What you'll receive:

  • 1 x professional cupping sets
  • A set of 20 black various global black teas for evaluation
  • 1x Australian Tea Masters apron
  • 1 x tea tasting wheel Evaluation note book
  • 1x set of digital scales
  • A certificate after completing the course

4 fortnightly payments of $124.25 AUD