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Tea Blending: Chapter 12 Evaluation Exam

Now you are ready to blend, To complete your certificate and evaluation you must create six blends for evaluation.


  • Each formula must equal 20grams
  • There must be one breakfast blend
  • There must be at least one herbal blend
  • There must on one chai blend

You must provide the following:

  • The formula with percentages and the ingredients listing
  • You must give each of the blends a name
  • You must provide a spec sheet
  • You must write tasting notes for each of the blends
  • You must provide a brief of your target market and what your packaging would look like.
  • You can send pictures of you would like to use regarding packaging.
  • You must submit a picture of each of the blends in dry leaf ,wet leaf and liquor colour.
  • We will then evaluate the blends in our Australian Tea Masters Lab and provide a point score for theblends and feedback.


PLEASE NOTE: you are able to purchase other ingredients outside of what you are provided and use them in your blends if you wish.