Online Certified Diploma in Tea Blending: By Australian Tea Masters

$697.00 AUD

Welcome to the new and Exciting world first Online Certified Diploma in Tea Blending

Tea blending is an ancient art of blending together ingredients to achieve a desired effect. This course has been created for anyone wanting to develop their knowledge of blended teas and herbals and to learn the fundamentals of tea blending.

It covers base topics such as tea types, tea production, herbals, how to blend, and what is required in the blending room. The course also covers more advanced topics such as different types of blending, professional tasting, how to create a flavored blend and chai.

We hope this course will inspire and spark a passion within you so that you may embark on the tea blending journey with enthusiasm and ease.





  1. The history of tea
  2. Aromatised tea and tisanes
  3. Types of tea
  4. Alternative bases
  5. The grading and production of tea
  6. Professional tasting
  7. Grades of tea
  8. Classic blends and custom blending
  9. Tea bags and packaging
  10. How to blend tea
  11. Different types of blending
  12. Top 20 ingredients and their benefit
  13. Seasonal tea blending
  14. Tea equipment and the blending room
  15. Cultural Blends


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